Donald Kerper
Donald Kerper


Who Is MRC?

Misty River Consulting’s principal is Donald Kerper. He is an organizational psychology practitioner with many years of experience in a wide variety of industries including food, dairy, wood products, electronics, and medical. He is also an entertaining speaker and trainer, as well as a prolific writer of many books and articles.

Depending on client needs and the nature of the contracted work, MRC taps into the MRC network of professional associates who have the experience and expertise needed to meet client needs in a measurable and cost effective fashion.

  • What's In It For You?

    It is our intention at MRC to insure that our clients are satisfied with any project we work together on – period. Our reputation is dependant upon successful projects and satisfied clients and anything less is not acceptable to us.

  • When & Where?

    How soon do you want to begin increasing the rate at which your organization is improving its profitability or achieve the strategic objectives it has? The choice of “when” and “where” is yours! But, be advised that your competition may have already begun.

  • Why Improve?

    First,customers have choices – you or your competition. Second, your profit margin is dependent upon your customer, competitor, and the cost structure that your processes inherently have. Third, your employees are the most qualified to rapidly improve the performance of the processes that exist driven by the needs of the customer and the improvement opportunities that exist within them. Fourth, engagement of employees in improvement will only happen if it is expected, provided for, coordinated, and rewarded appropriately by the leaders of the organization.

MRC's Statement of Purpose

Misty River Consulting’s (MRC) mission is to assist organizations learn why and how to continually improve their effectiveness and efficiency in a measurable bottom line fashion. MRC’s intent is to not only assist organizations to survive, but also to thrive in today’s dynamic climate by engaging all employees in improvement of superior value delivery and of process performance through effective organizational leadership technique.

How Can MRC Help You?

We assist our clients by providing an integrated and tailored set of services that work together to meet the client’s needs and objectives. These may include:

  • Strategic behavioral change services (including Continuous Improvement Strategy, Lean Office or Manufacturing, Strategic Analysis and Planning, Succession Planning)
  • Training and Development and Organizational Development
  • Process Performance modeling and information system development & implementation assistance
  • Individual or group consultation services
  • Professional keynote addresses, half-day workshops, or full day seminars
  • Books, publications, statistical software solutions, and training tools.