Our Purpose

Misty River Consulting’s mission is to assist organizations learn why and how to continually improve their effectiveness and efficiency in a measurable bottom line fashion. Misty River Consulting's intent is to not only assist organizations to survive, but also to thrive in today’s dynamic climate by engaging all employees in improvement of superior value delivery and of process performance through effective organizational leadership technique.

What's In It For You? Focus, Alignment, Action, Results!

We can help you clarify your objectives, position yourself to achieve your results, help you be success in achieveing your objectives with the results you expect and deserve, and help you evaluate what next opportunity to go after. We are there to facilitate your success.

Why Improve? Sustainable Success!

Consider these points. First, customers have choices – you or your competition. Second, your profit margin is dependent upon your customer, competitor, and the cost structure that your processes inherently have. Third, your employees are the most qualified to rapidly improve the performance of the processes that exist driven by the needs of the customer and the improvement opportunities that exist within them. Fourth, engagement of employees in improvement will only happen if it is expected, provided for, coordinated, and rewarded appropriately by the leaders of the organization.

When & Where? Now!

Determining when you want to start and where you want to focus is a function of two questions. First how much longer do you wish to experience the latent losses that you currently have and continue to lag behind from your potential? Second, where are the biggest opportunities your organization has to improve effectiveness and/or efficiency? If you don’t know those answers, call us; we can assist you answer these questions.

Who is Misty River Consulting

Who is Misty River Consulting

Misty River Consulting specializes in organizational change, business performance improvement, leadership development, and facilitation of complex high risk projects. Donald Kerper, Misty River Consulting's principal, is an industrial / organizational psychologist with many years of experience in a wide variety of industries including food, dairy, wood products, electronics, engineering consultancies, and medical. He is also an entertaining speaker and trainer, as well as a prolific writer of many books and articles. He has been presented multiple awards for his facilitation endeavours. He is a member of the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology, the International Association of Facilitators, and the American Society for Quality. In addition to Kerper, Misty River Consulting also has the ability to “scale up” as needed by tapping into its network of professional associates who have the experience and expertise needed to meet Misty River Consulting client needs in a measurable and cost effective fashion.

Misty River Consulting Specialties