Donald Kerper is uniquely qualified to assist you develop your organizational vision and strategy and to help you implement your strategy successfully.

Industrial – Organization Psychologist

Kerper is an Industrial-Organizational Psychology practitioner focused on helping organizations and their people be successful.  Kerper has assisted clients all over the US create strategic focus, develop effective leaders, align people for efficient accomplishment organization objectives, and to gain commitment and engagement of employees in performance improvement.  He is the author of several books on a variety of business performance improvement and leadership topics.

Society of Industrial – Organization Psychology

Misty River Consulting Specialties

For over thirty years Kerper has been the principal and senior consultant of Misty River Consulting.  His company specializes in:

  • Development of strategic vision and strategy.
  • Creation of the leadership capacity to execute strategy.
  • Alignment of employees with organization objectives
  • Gaining commitment and engagement of all employees in performance improvement.
  • Employing facilitation techniques to make decision making more inclusive.
  • Utilization of statistical methods and thinking to enhance evidence-based decision making.
  • Provision of elite business coaching to senior executives and professionals.

Certified Professional Facilitator

Kerper is a Certified Professional Facilitator through the International Association of Facilitators.  He has been awarded the IAF’s FIA (Facilitation Impact Award) multiple times for his work.  He has served on the IAF’s global board of directors.

During his career, Kerper has gained a reputation for facilitating complex and high-risk projects that often are set in contentious environments.

International Association of Facilitators

Executive Coach

Kerper has mentored and coached many leaders and facilitators over the years as well – from CEOs to front-line supervisors. Kerper works to help an individual become the person and leader they were meant to be through visioning, planning, and execution of their plan.

Writer and Speaker

Kerper is also an accomplished speaker and writer. He has penned nine books on subjects such as “continuous improvement”, “leadership”, “project management”, and “strategic analysis and planning” that are used extensively in his private practice.

Donald Kerper’s career is focused on helping clients be successful and doing what is right.  His business is founded on these principles whether it be large-scale organizational change initiatives or quiet conversations he might have with people he mentors and coaches.  When asked about his business’ mission, he summarizes it by saying “Your success is our purpose.”

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