"Your Sustainable Success" is Our Mission

Misty River Consulting’s mission is to help our clients discover how to improve their performance in a measurable bottom line fashion. Our intent is for our clients to thrive in today’s dynamic climate through the formation and execution of strategy, the development of an effective leadership team, the engagement of their people in performance improvement, and the delivery value to their customers.

Organizational Diagnosis

Organizational diagnosis is a methodology for determining an organization' current state, why it is that way, whether it is prudent to initiate a change process to improve its state of being. The procedure is not dissimilar from what a Medical Doctor does. We get a “check up” to make sure we are OK or we go see a Doctor when we sense that something is wrong. Misty River Consulting has performed dozens of these diagnoses to assist large organizations, departments, small businesses, or even startups get the upper hand on their current situation.

Management & Leadership Development

You know, there just are not enough “born leaders” to fill all the leadership roles the world needs. Consequently if we are to move forward, we must make a significant effort to find and develop pragmatic effective leaders to envision the future, to gather and align people with similar value systems, to assist them develop a sense of organizational and individual role clarity, to provide resources appropriately (whether time, tools, or training), and to create and administer an atmosphere of accountability in a fair and equitable fashion. Misty River Consulting has trained and developed hundreds of leaders and seen many move to the top of their organizations where they provide the leadership needed for their organization’s future success.

Strategic / Tactical Planning

Successful organizations focus and align their people on their priority goals and objectives. Often these organizations use a strategic planning process that lays out their goals and a 3 to 5-year roadmap for moving forward. Integrated into the strategic plan are a number of tactical elements that identify what, when, who, and how each of the plan’s strategies are actually carried out. Misty River Consulting can assist you create and implement your strategic plan in a timely and efficient fashion.

Organizational Design & Development

Misty River Consulting approaches organizational design and development (OD) from a systems point of view. We believe that any successful organization is well aligned with the market and with its resources. And internally, we believe that every successful organization has a basic framework or structure in place that we call the “Organization’s Operating System” (OOS). With your objectives in mind, Misty River Consulting’s OD services ensure that the organization is well aligned with its environment and that the basic OOS is in place that allows it to be effective, efficient, and successful.

People Engagement

Aligned, focused, and accountable engagement of people in organization performance improvement accelerates improvement, creates a sense of accomplishment in people, and increases the sense of "care" the organization's members have for its performance and sustainability. Misty River Consulting is can help you develop a environment of focused engaged individuals and teams.

Project Facilitation

We believe that there is power in facilitation, power to change the world. But, more pragmatically, we believe that professional facilitation can mitigate the risk associated with complex high risk projects where failure would bring consequences not acceptable to anyone. In those situations a professional facilitator can ensure that a project is managed in a fashion that is effective, efficient, and has the highest probability of being successful. Misty River Consulting has award winning "Certified Professional Facilitators" on staff you can count on when the risks are high and failure is truly consequential.

Who is Misty River Consulting

Who is Misty River Consulting

Misty River Consulting is an Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology consultancy. We use the scientific study of work and the application of that knowledge to help resolve or deal with the issues facing our clients’ individuals, teams, and organizations. I/O psychologists and practitioners conduct a wide range of research and studies designed to provide information about all phases of the workplace. However, we do more than research. Misty River Consulting prides itself assisting our clients apply our field’s knowledge in appropriate, relevant, and authentic ways to the workplace. We are consultants, practitioners, the people who get their hands dirty for you, our clients. In our small I-O Psychology practice hidden in the woods along the Big Eau Pleine River outside of Stratford, WI, we specialize in these things: • Helping organizations figure out who they are strategically. • Helping those organizations’ leaders develop the capacity to lead their people and to execute their business strategy. • Helping leaders select the right people and engage them in performance improvement that is healthy and sustainable. • Providing facilitation services to help ensure that specific high risk or complex projects are successful.