"Your Sustainable Success" is Our Mission

Misty River Consulting’s mission is to help our clients discover how to improve their performance in a measurable bottom line fashion. Our intent is for our clients to thrive in today’s dynamic climate through the formation and execution of strategy, the development of an effective leadership team, the engagement of their people in performance improvement, and the delivery value to their customers.

Person Centric Coaching

Executives and professionals manage their “presence” to inspire confidence and increase their influence. Unfortunately, the person who wears the executive title often lacks confidence, feels incompetent, needs to vent, feels like an imposter, has crazy ideas, wants to be goofy, and assumes that they have opportunities that they cannot see, reveal, or pursue. The solution is being in a place where they can be themselves and improve their leadership effectiveness without consequence. Many successful executives have worked with Misty River Consulting to nurture their professional and personal lives.

Management & Leadership Development

“Management and Leadership Development” initiatives that find and develop intentional and effective leaders help fill the organization’s need for people who can envision a future, gather and align people with the vision, assist them be successful, and create a culture that is equitable, inclusive, engaging, and results oriented. Misty River Consulting has trained and developed hundreds of leaders and seen many move to the top where they provide the leadership needed for their organization’s future success.

Actionable Strategic / Tactical Planning

Successful organizations focus on their preferred future. They detail their future perfect, form strategy that actualizes that vision, and engage people in the tactics needed to move forward. Planning is accompanied by implementation as well. Critical success factors reveal progress and provide the means for evaluation and adjustment. In addition, tactical elements that identify the “what, when, who, and how” of the plan’s strategies are established that support discipline to the path. Misty River Consulting can assist you create and implement your plan.

The Continuous Improvement Management System

Lean, six sigma, total quality management, employee participation groups…the list of Continuous Improvement (CI) approaches that organizations have attempted to integrate is long and varied. Misty River Consulting offers a holistic and sustainable approach to improvement. The CI system begins by stabilizing the organization’s processes and systems. Once stable, CI occurs in an iterative manner using the improvement tool that is appropriate for the priority opportunity targeted for the purposes of engaging their people, reducing variability and waste, and improving the organization’s financial performance.

Help for Startups & Troubled Organizations

It’s tough to startup a new company and be patient for the day where a stable revenue stream exists. And its really tough when your previously successful company is now in trouble and you don’t know why. Misty River Consulting can assist you appraise your organization’s health, help you see the root causes of what is constraining your success, and help you create a “treatment plan” for moving forward with your startup or for turning your organizational around. And we will stay by your side to help you with your startup or turnaround strategy until you are running successfully in a sustained fashion.

Facilitation – Enabling Effective Collaboration

We believe that the experience and wisdom needed to solve problems, make decisions, and determine the best path forward lie to a large measure with the organization’s people. Professional facilitation eases a group’s search for solutions it must discover and implement. We also believe that facilitation can mitigate the risk of failure associated with small projects or complex organizational change initiatives. A professional facilitator can ensure that a group initiative is managed in a collaborative, content neutral fashion that is effective, efficient, and has the highest probability of success. Misty River Consulting has award winning "Certified Professional Facilitators" ready to assist you.

Who is Misty River Consulting

Who is Misty River Consulting

Misty River Consulting is an Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology consultancy. We use the scientific study of work and the application of that knowledge to help resolve or deal with the issues facing our clients’ individuals, teams, and organizations. I/O psychologists and practitioners conduct a wide range of research and studies designed to provide information about all phases of the workplace. However, we do more than research. Misty River Consulting prides itself assisting our clients apply our field’s knowledge in appropriate, relevant, and authentic ways to the workplace. We are consultants, practitioners, the people who get their hands dirty for you, our clients. In our small I-O Psychology practice hidden in the woods along the Big Eau Pleine River outside of Stratford, WI, we specialize in these things: • Helping organizations figure out who they are strategically. • Helping those organizations’ leaders develop the capacity to lead their people and to execute their business strategy. • Helping leaders select the right people and engage them in performance improvement that is healthy and sustainable. • Providing facilitation services to help ensure that specific high risk or complex projects are successful.