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Elite Confidential Coaching

Most successful people, like you, are limited in who they can talk, vent, complain, or kick ideas around with without risking their professional image and impact. Our elite coaching services provide a safe and confidential forum for you to be yourself and to find a place where you can grow.

"Game Changing" Strategy Formation

Is your organization's strategy broken or unclear? We can help you figure out your strategy and align your people and resources to move it forward.

Intentional & Effective Leadership

You need assertive and intentional leaders to execute strategy and to operate. We can help develop the skills needed to be successful.

Aligned & Engaged People

For years people came to work and were asked to stop thinking and just do their jobs. However, we know that sustainable success comes from engaging people in the operation and improvement thereof.

Collaborative & Inclusive Group Facilitation

Teams, whether executive teams, project teams, or improvement teams can be extremely impactful when our expert facilitators are helping them be efficient, focused, and successful in pursuing their objectives in a collaborative and inclusive fashion.

Organizational Change Management

You might need organizational change if your business model is not aligned with the market you participate in. Or maybe you're implementing new technology or systems that will significantly impact people's work. Or maybe your culture stymies efficiency, innovation, or even retention. Whatever the reason, we know how to effectively manage organizational change.

Books & Whitepapers

Kerper has penned several books on topics such as leadership, continuous improvement, statistics & process management, strategic planning, & others. Check these books and his whitepapers out as well as his insightful blog posts.

Misty River Learning Center

Misty River Learning Center is your source for virtual training on topics such as project management, strategic planning, and leadership.

Read what our clients say about Misty River Consulting
Shawn Kitchell

Shawn Kitchell

CEO - Regal Industrial Products

I've had the opportunity to work with Don Kerper and Misty River Consulting on multiple projects over the past several years. Don's insight and ability to connect with people in order to drive results is impressive. Many consultants are able to articulate an approach or plan, but Don is able to link project objectives to organizational strategies and then use his facilitation and project management skills to ensure success. In my role as CEO he assisted me in developing actionable sales/business strategies, assessing sales & marketing strengths, and driving double digit annual growth. On a subsequent projects he helped with improving cash flow, quality, and organization effectiveness. He has been a true partner who I would not hesitate to recommend to any organization needing a helping hand in driving improvements.

Tina Patterson

Tina Patterson

Principal - Jade Solutions, LLC

Don Kerper served as a mentor to me as part of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) mentoring program. Don listened, made suggestions and most importantly helped me explore ways to expand and strengthen my facilitation services. Don’s coaching style kept our meetings moving forward, he infused thoughtfulness and a subtle sense of humor when necessary to keep me motivated to achieve an agreed upon goal. There were many IAF members I could’ve asked to serve as mentor to me. I believe Don Kerper was the best choice for a mentor to help me achieve my professional goals. I highly recommend Don and Misty River!

Rob Frechette

Rob Frechette

VP Business Development - JCS Process & Control Systems

Don Kerper is an expert facilitator that worked with us to make some broad sweeping changes to our organization. This was mainly in the direction of strategic planning for continued improvement and growth. Our group is not an easy one to work in and he was very successful at keeping the meetings moving forward, and in a positive fashion. Kerper was also a joy to work with, he has a way of keeping everyone positive and the meetings fun. I highly recommend Don and Misty River!

Gina Dezzani

Gina Dezzani

Plant Manager - HP Hood (formerly Crystal Cream & Butter) - Retired

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Don and Misty River Consulting twice, with two different employers. Don aided both companies in developing clear strategic plans and effectively communicating these plans to all employees. These companies were driven by different management styles and diverse workforces but both achieved success with Don’s coaching. Don is very skilled at analyzing people and adapting his mentoring and training to connect with them in driving consistently positive results. Our employees were trained by Don to analyze systemic roadblocks to achieving company’s goals and to collaboratively determine effective and sustainable ways to eliminate those constraints. The employee ownership and engagement gained through this process was powerful. I highly recommend Misty River Consulting.

Terry Howard

Terry Howard

Managing Principal - Howard Connect, LLC

It is rare to find a consultant who can look at an organizational situation and understand the underlying model and its dynamics, and guide you to finding opportunities and solutions facing the organization in quick fashion. Donald Kerper is one of those. Kerper uses his knowledge and personal experience with people, organizations, and the world to tell stories and offer guidance that often moves his audience to a place where they find a more complete sense of who they are and who they might become as individuals and as organizations. If you do get the opportunity to work with Donald Kerper, you are fortunate. He has a small consultancy, he is selective about what opportunities he pursues, in who he works with, and in the manner in which he works with you.

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