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What is I/O Psychology?  What value does an I/O Psychologist provide companies or organizations?  Why would I want to engage one in my company?  These questions are commonly asked almost every day by people I speak with.  People are interested in the field, but they recognize quickly that they don’t know what they don’t know about this profession.  So, let me explain.


Industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology is the scientific study of work and the application of that new knowledge to issues facing individuals, teams, and organizations.  The scientific method is used to study these workplace issues as they apply to people and to organizational performance.  And the results of those investigations are applied in an appropriate and effective fashion to make things better, to deal with issues that are critical to both peoples’ and their organization’s performance.


I/O psychologists and practitioners conduct a wide range of research and studies designed to provide information about all phases of the workplace.  And their work goes beyond just research; these I/O psychology practitioners also apply the knowledge in appropriate, relevant, and authentic ways to the workplace as consultants, as practitioners, people who get their hands dirty from real world application.  These people may also be in roles where they direct consulting and executive search firms: work for leadership centers, corporations, companies, as well as universities: or work in small boutique consulting firms or small sole proprietorships.


Whatever you would like to call us – I/O or Industrial / Organizational Psychologists, Work Psychologists, or Occupational Psychologists, – we provide value to organizations that are looking to improve their performance in both tangible and intangible ways.  We provide value to the individuals who work within those organizations by finding ways for them to be successful in their roles and “jazzed” by what they do.  And for the leaders of organizations – we help leaders understand the dynamics of people, how they relate to each other in groups, how they mesh with the organization’s processes, and how they collectively can be organized and aligned to create a “kick ass” high performance organization.


In my little practice hidden in the woods along the Big Eau Pleine River here outside of Stratford, WI, we specialize in these things:

  • Helping companies and organizations figure out who they are strategically. What would this look like?  A strategic plan with actionable strategies might be part of the answer.
  • Helping those company’s managers develop the capacity to lead their people, to lead change management initiatives, and to execute their business strategy. Simply put, this means creating a set of leaders who can collaborate, organize, and lead people without using fear tactics.
  • Helping the leaders select the right people and engage them in performance improvement that is healthy and sustainable. This is where employees are “into” their jobs – not just doing their jobs.
  • And we help by facilitating special projects or events that are important, high risk, and can’t fail. Facilitators help teams be successful when it’s tough to be successful.


So, this is what I do.  And it’s been quite a ride having this as my career.  Email Misty River Consulting when you’re looking for solutions to improve organizational performance.



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